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Amazon Foods: bringing the Brazilian taste for your American kitchen.
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Who we are

Our history begins in Brazil.

         We are a Brazilian food distributor with 20 years of experience in the American market. Our headquarters are in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

           Among the foods we distribute are cassava, cassava cheese bread, açaí, banana, meats, etc. Our flagship is TODA HORA, our sausage factory that produces the highest quality sausages. TODA HORA Sausages are distributed in several US states and in the best restaurants and butchers shop, as well in the most delicious and fun homemade barbecues.

       The company was built over time based on values such as ethics, integrity, loyalty, quality and commitment, contributing in a positive and meaningful way to the success and success of our business partners.

           In fact, AMAZON FOODS' focus is our customers' success because we know the only way to prosper is by helping our business partners grow and succeed.




        It all began in 1998, when a Brazilian, migrated from Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to Queens, NY, USA. As time passed he began to miss what he loved most: the exquisite taste of the genuine Brazilian sausage. With knowledge and experience, he began producing for his own pleasure, and later sold to members at church and small fairs and friends.
         He began to prosper as demand kept growing as more people consumed the great Brazilian sausage. With such high demands it was time to industrialize and brand the sausage, thus the name of TODA HORA, "ALL THE TIME" was bestowed up on the product.
         Now a days the company has undergone major enhancements, with new management it has now become a modern state of the art company with new dynamics. The TODA HORA Sausage, has been rapidly growing with the improvements on the products with high quality and satisfaction. The TODA HORA brand is now a key role player in the food industry. Now the consumer may find our products at the best Supermarkets and restaurants of the entire East Coast. Very soon the entire nation will be able to enjoy the wonderful taste of the TODA HORA sausage.

The best Brazilian sausage in the United States.

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168 Center St. | Chicopee | MA 01013
(774) 244-2820 | (877) 312-9545.


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